Consider donating your old but good uniforms.

Located in The Village Middle School campus, at the Moore gym, the used uniform store (UUS) offers affordable The Village School merchandise.

We are a group of VSPA mothers, Miha, Gina, Mallika, Anastasia, and Donna, who dedicate their time and energy to ensure the place is kept running and open to all parents and students.

To make certain that all uniforms are good quality, we have adopted a method of operating: After receiving donations from families, we sort through the clothes and verify that all clothing is in perfect condition. Following this, we display the clothing for all visitors. To guarantee timing availability for all parents, the store is open once a week with exceptions for appointments.

We welcome anyone to join our volunteering team!

Please contact for any inquiries or to get involved.

As Village parents, we are proud to contribute to this growing community.

Did you know? The store is 100% run by volunteers.

Mallika, Anastasia, Gina, Miha


Meet Our Volunteers